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FOP  Mechkalo Roman

our laperrine the company manufactures and sells:

The wooden paneling (pine) has a huge number of applications. It is an excellent material for finishing: living rooms (bedroom, nursery, living room); attic space; balconies, loggias; domestic premises; used for the cladding of gable roofs; pergolas and various architectural structures.

The advantages of pine wood paneling:
1.Pine is one of the oldest medicinal plants. Coniferous wood species, differs extraordinary healing properties that will bring health and longevity to Your home. This environmentally friendly building material. As you know, it has its own antibacterial properties. Plants of conifers emit volatile – natural antibiotics. Scientists believe this is a unique phenomenon, given to us by nature. The tree continues to provide therapeutic volatile for many years even after drying and processing. In the room where the walls are decorated with material from pine trees, maintaining a healthy, favorable for the human body atmosphere. Volatile pine is extremely useful for people with cardiovascular disease and destroy the tubercle Bacillus. No wonder sanatoria, rehabilitation and recreational facilities, located in coniferous pine forests, where it is always clean and fresh air with healing properties.
2.Pine siding is not only beautiful but also practical finishing material. Unlike plastic lining, has a much longer life. Molded wood is solid durable material which does not deform from mechanical damage and is a stable material with temperature changes and humidity.
3.Wooden wall panelling – has a unique flavor, as it is full of essential oils. At room temperature resin pockets open and release the scent of pine needles. It also perfectly regulates the humidity in the room. Excessive moisture wood takes over the excess, and when the room air becomes too dry returns. Thus the house has the ideal microclimate.
Length: from 1.25 m to 3M Width: 8cm Thickness:16mm

The advantages of the floor boards (tongue and groove):
Floor Board is solid, dry, processed from all the four sides of a Board having a tongue and groove. For the production we select the wood of high quality. The most important criteria in the production of eco-friendliness and quality. This is a traditional, time-tested material that is trusted by generations. And for good reason. It is suitable for arrangement of floors in the premises for any purpose: living room, kitchen, living room, loggia, balcony. Especially useful in children's rooms. It is a warm material, so the child can play on the floor, avoiding the danger of hypothermia. Carpeted very often polluted. Besides the carpet is made of artificial materials, which are electrified and attract dust, which will breathe baby playing on the carpet. In addition, the wooden floor is very easy to clean. The Board is extremely resistant to wear. Even high-quality laminate is only a few millimeters coating that wears off quickly enough, which is aesthetically not appealing and leads to the need of replacement coverage. Floor boards to be erased, as it is a solid sturdy solid wood. Modern flooring has a convenient and reliable installation principle. Design features a tongue and groove that allows you to tightly join the planks to each other. Assembled thus, the Board creates a completely flat floor with no elevation changes. Therefore, it is much stronger because the load is not on the same level, and evenly distributed and adjacent. Besides, pine's bright colors, which visually increases room and literally radiates heat. It is therefore not surprising that the room where the finish she was chosen to be particularly comfortable.
Length: 4.5 m Width: 13cm Thickness:33mm


Block house: the use and benefits.
Block house is a quality material of wood that is used for internal and external cladding of buildings. Is a dry profiled Board with a semicircular front surface. After mounting the impression that the house built from logs. Board, the block house has tongue and groove, which significantly simplifies installation. Today, the block house is an extremely popular material. It is made of natural wood and is completely environmentally friendly material that will create a healthy atmosphere in Your home. Also it is an ideal regulator of humidity in the room, in addition performs the following functions: water-, heat - and sound insulation. 
Despite all these advantages, the material has acquired a wide range of applications: for internal and external wall cladding of houses, cottages, saunas, baths, loggias, arbors, various architectural and decorative structures. Especially popular he became for the arrangement of gates and fences.
Block house produce in various widths, thicknesses and lengths (external and internal). This is due to the fact that narrow is better suited for walls inside the home as visually not reduce the space of the room. Wide should be used for the exterior. 
External. Length: 4.5 m Width: 13cm Thickness:36mm
Internal. Length: from 1.25 m to 4.5 m Width: 8cm Thickness:20mm

To buy this item, you can come to our warehouse at the address –
Rivne oblast, PGT.Street vladimirets.Komarova, 1A,
Vladimir (Department of orders and implementation) or to order by phone the amount You need –
(03634)2-60-07;   096 307 38 32;   067 30 10 256.
We can arrange shipping to your address across Europe.
In addition, we provide services in drying and processing of materials of the customer.




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